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Pizza Delivery_(3)

The athlete grimaced and moaned. It made me harder seeing him how pleased he was.

"Brad," he said extending his hand, "This is Bill and Phil," nodding at the two cock-worshipers.

"Mario," I managed to say, still trying to overcome my trepidation.

As I was standing next to the lustful trio stroking Brad’s left ass cheek, Jake came from behind and stroked my ass. He was so close, his body touched mine. He reached around and held my hard cock. I leaned against him trapping his cock between my crack and his belly. He rubbed against me while stroking my stick gently. He was hairy but trimmed in the most important places.

Phil, one of the kneeling twinks, turned his head and looked at me, then he started sucking my pole. Soft, gentle lips! He fondled my balls and pulled them gently, gave them a lick and squeezed them with his hand while his tongue went back working on my head. He did the butterfly flutter on the tip and then around the ridge, then took it all in his mouth pushing it down his throat. I felt my cock entering an increasingly narrow passage while he managed to control his gagging, then he pulled my shaft out covered with thick mucus from his larynx. He looked at me and saw how satisfied I was. I was in heaven.

All this time Jake was behind me fingering my ass. He was doing the same with Brad’s while the other twink, Bill, was deep-throating Brad’s muscular cock. Jake had a great technique massaging our prostates simultaneously. Just one finger is all you need, and the results are spectacular. Brad and I were letting go our prostate fluid in the twinks mouths, we were moaning and almost ready to lose control.

I loved watching the other two guys, Frank and Jeb, on the couch who changed from 69 to a regular fuck. Frank was thrusting slow and steady in Jeb’s ass. A few times he pulled out and pushed in all the way fast.

When Jake finished milking us, he joined them in a threesome and placed his cock on Jeb’s face who was lying on his back. He was happy to service one more dick while Frank’s was tickling his anal ring. Then Frank and Jake changed positions and while Jake plowed Jeb’s ass, Frank gave Jeb his ass-soaked cock and balls saying, "Lick them dry, baby, more is coming soon."

Brad pulled me gently and we sat next to each other on the other part of the sectional. He grabbed my cock and stroked it while the twinks opened their mouths ready to take our cocks. Instead, Brad lifted my legs up and checked my hole. He asked the twinks to lick me well and make me very wet with their spit. They obliged. A couple minutes later, Brad checked my asshole and asked them to lick some more. He slapped my balls and it hurt, in a good way…I mean in a wonderful way.

On the other side of the couch, Jeb was taking two cocks in his mouth. One at a time in the beginning, both of them when he got more horny a little later. Frank fingered Jake’s ass and then he made Jeb lick his finger. Jake did the same after he fingered Frank’s asshole.

When Brad saw how slippery my hole was, he pushed a finger and played with me for some time. He stretched me good and pushed a second finger sending me to heaven again. The twinks took turns sucking him and me. 

While I was with my legs up and two thick fingers in my ass, the doorbell rang. Jake opened and in came Markus, a tall black guy I often saw at my gym.

"Sorry, I am late," Markus said, "I was tired and took a nap but it seems I slept more than I wanted. Now I am ready for some serious action!"

We all laughed and after he took his clothes off, I saw the thickest, longest cock ever with the biggest balls I could imagine. Markus was completely shaved. His monster member moved from side to side slapping his thighs with every step. His balls were not only large but also hanging lower than the end of his cock.

He came closer and stroke my ass looking at my hole getting ready by Brad’s fingers. He checked how slippery I was and, after licking his left index, he pushed it inside me. I had three fingers playing with my hole, pushing in and out and pulling my ring muscle to a light stretch. Then Markus pushed his middle too and moved them in a fucking way while Brad just stretched and pulled. I was so excited that I was pushing my guts out. They could see I wanted cock. Markus spit again his fingers and pushed a third finger in. I was ready to explode. 

"Wow, you got some serious ass here, man," he said and sat right on my left on the couch. I grabbed his balls and felt their weight, squeezed them gently and pulled them a little hard. 

"Can’t wait?" he said and flashed a smile.

I was so happy having two horny studs working on my hole, I thought this was a good sign, I was going to have a ball that night.

"Phil," Brad said, "time to eat my ass." 

Brad knelt right in front of my spread cheeks and plowed my hole with his tongue. Phil laid his body on the floor and his face right under Brad’s ass. The young man started eating the stud’s ass and balls, then smeared his spit all over Brad’s ass. He tasted the firm asshole many times and Brad started grinding his hips "brushing" the youth’s face with his asscheeks.

"Ohhh, fuck," I said and sighed deep. Brad licked my crack all the way up and down, then he sucked my balls pulling them quite hard with his lips.

"Ummm," I moaned and twitched. 

Bill, the other twink, started sucking Phil’s cock and his balls. After spiting a huge amount on Phil’s cock, he straddled him and sat right on the ass eater’s cock. He went easy at first, then when he felt Phil’s head passing through his ass muscle, he just sat down taking it deep, his balls hitting Phil’s stomach with a splash. Phil was the happiest man on earth. His best friend’s ass was working on his cock and a strongman was sitting on his face, can one ask for anything more?

"Shut up and start sucking," Markus ordered me pushing his black cock into my mouth.

I took as much as I could and it was not even half of it. He pulled my hair back and making me stretch my neck, then he pushed his cock hard and I felt him going down my throat. I was suffocating and my jaw hurt. He was completely blocking my pipes and pushed even more. I shook in a way to make him understand I couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t move for a few seconds more and after a final push, he pulled half of it out. He was covered with the thickest spit I ever tasted… my spit from deep inside me.

Meanwhile and on the other side of the couch, Jake was in a 69 with Jeb and Frank was taking turns fucking their asses. After he fucked Jake, he dipped his cock in Jeb’s mouth that was waiting right below. Jeb licked him clean and Frank went the other side and fucked the man again. After a few thrusts, he pulled himself out and plunged in Jake’s mouth. He repeated this a few times, enough to make their asses drip spit and colon juice.

I was busy being face fucked and having my ass fingered when I heard someone was cumming.

"Ohhh…yeah...take it!" Jeb said sighing. 

"Quick," Frank said, "bring me the pizza."

Not sure if it was a mouth or a rectum receiving the man juice, all I know is Jeb was really happy to shoot his fresh cock milk.

"Yeah, I think you can go ahead," I heard Markus telling Brad and a second later Brad was pushing his thick cock head in my ass. I loved the feeling of my ass stretching and how unable I was to do anything. My asshole started feeling the push and right then, Brad gave a thrust that advanced his head past my sphincter. I loved the pain that took my breath away for a few seconds, then the stud pulled halfway out and spit on his cock only to push back in again all the way. His little tuft of hairs tickled my balls. It didn’t hurt too bad this time. He did the same, pulled halfway out, spit and then all the way in. He repeated again and again and the fourth time I was in heaven.

He fucked me royally for what it seemed like an eternity. I moaned and squirmed unable to escape Markus’ grip. I felt my ass beg for more and Brad was happy to oblige. His balls slammed my lower back, I felt my ass juices splash all over my lower body every time the stud hit me with his pelvis. With one more push, I felt his cock deeper than ever. He was pulsating inside me.

Between sighing, breathing and sucking, I had a great time.

"Uhhh, fuck bitch," he groaned, "uhhh, sperm shower for your ass, bitch," he moaned and sighed.

My asshole was following his pulses trying to take more of his man tool. His sweat started dripping on my cock, he saw it and smeared it all over, cock and balls. He gave my balls a slap and a squeeze, enough to make me twitch again.

When he pulled away, I felt an empty space in my ass, I needed more cock.

Brad pushed his juice covered cock in Phil’s mouth and the man swallowed it happily. 

Bill stopped bouncing on Phil’s cock and jumped up and rushed to the coffee table with the pizzas. He stroke a few times and shot his cum on the vegetarian pizza.
Soon after Phil joined him for a blowjob. Bill sucked him so hard that Phil made a face. Right after he said, "I ‘m cumming!" Bill turned his friend’s cock toward the pizza. What a heavy cummer! Strings of cum covered the pizza all over.

Markus asked me to turn and kneel on the couch. He came from behind and shoved his immense black cock inside my hole. I was ready to scream, the pain was unbearable but he muffled my mouth with his palm. I could never imagine I was so tight. Brad’s dick just tore me apart, how could my asshole shrink so fast?

The black guy was an excellent fucker with a great ebony body and a slick cock, not a hair down there. His stamina was amazing. He kept fucking me for so long, a few times I thought I had fainted and came around again while he kept fucking me. His balls slammed mine many times and started crying with pleasure. I had a most wonderful anal orgasm, shaking and trembling all over. He kept fucking me non-stop, ruthlessly penetrating me all the way. A few times he teased my sphincter muscle with his thick ridge for a couple of seconds only to impale me a moment later. The feeling of fullness was what made me mumble, "Gonna cum!"

Jeb hurriedly took the pizza from the coffee table and placed it right under me while Markus was fucking my guts. I shot my sperm all over the pizza till I drained my balls. I felt Markus squeeze my prostate with every one of his thrusts making me cum a few more drops.

Markus loved my ass tightening around his black cock while cumming. The contractions of my virgin ass were powerful. A few more thrusts and he pushed deep and stayed there for what it seemed like forever shooting his cum inside me. His man tool kept pumping the juice of life inside me. I became addicted to cock contractions. When he pulled out, he fed me his soaked member and I tasted my ass juices.

Frank and Jake wanked their peckers while watching the scene and, as expected, they both came on the vegetarian meal. 

"We have two rules in this house," Brad turned to me. "Number one: No rubber. Number two: always cum on food. Markus and I had to cum inside you tonight, a form of initiation. So, please squat on the pizza and release all the sperm you still have in your ass."

I obeyed and have to say I never expected so much man juice coming out of me. I gave a little push and most dripped out, then again and some more came landing on the tasty meal.

"Push hard, man," Markus ordered and fucked my ass with two fingers fast a dozen times. I was extremely excited and when he tickled my prostate,he made me push so hard, I thought my guts would spill through my loose rectum. Instead, I unloaded every single drop of sperm on the mozzarella and licked his fingers clean.

"Guys, time for dinner," Brad said and passed around the box with the pizza. We all took a piece, mine was completely covered with jizz except for a small corner. I think I tasted Markus sperm and some of Brad’s, I am not sure about the others as I had not tasted their cocks.

"Now you know we have a party when we order vegetarian next time," Jake said. "And I am sorry I was so hard to understand when I called to place the order earlier, Jeb was sucking my cock and Frank was fucking me like hell."

"No worries," I said, "I hope next time you fuck me like hell while I order… calzone!"������������������&goto=